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Going Out?

Plan Ahead.


Prevent Drink Spiking

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Stay at the bar.

If someone offers to buy you a drink, stay and keep your eyes on the bartender while it's being made.

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Hold your drink from the top.

By covering the cup with your palm, it makes it extremely difficult to access your drink without you knowing.

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Avoid drinks from open containers.

Opt for your own can or bottle and avoid the punch bowl or pitcher.

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Don't leave your drink unattended.

If it seems as though your drink has been moved, looks different, appears more full than it was, or tastes strange, do not take the chance.

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Get help.

If you experience loss of balance, decreased visual performance, confusion, nausea, vomiting or unconsciousness after only one or two drinks, please seek help from a trusted friend or staff member.

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If you suspect your drink has been tampered with, please call 9-1-1.

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Make sure your phone is fully charged.

Save some battery for your ride home so you can let your friends know you've arrived safely.

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Keep an eye on each other.

Plan when and how to check in with your friends.

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Pay attention.

If you look like you're on a mission and aware of your surroundings, you're less likely to be a target than someone who seems distracted or uncertain.

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Trust your intuition.

If you ever feel uncomfortable, get away. Ask for help and get home safely.

Be Careful about Alcohol

  • If you drink, keep it manageable so you can stay aware.
  • Drink water or a nonalcoholic drink in between to slow down and stay hydrated.
  • Eat before or while drinking. Sip slowly and make your drink last longer.
  • Don't mix alcohol & drugs – it increases risks and the potential for unpredictable reactions.

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In Ventura County

Young adult females in Ventura County’s DUI program are over-represented. They drink 6 or more drinks on the day of their arrest and drive farther.

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